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Announcements and Upcoming Events


FRESH FOOD TRUCK - Second Wednesday of each month - at Park United Methodist

Church - 3 pm


      Pulaski Community Cupboard is a food pantry operated by Pulaski Community Ministries, Inc.. We are a non profit (501c3) organization operated by a dedicated group of volunteers that serve the residents in need living in the Pulaski School District. 

Emergency Food Services:


     This program provides food to be prepared at home without discrimination to eligible clients. Each month we provide nine meals of emergency food for every member of the household.


     To participate in this program, you must:


     1) Live in our catchment area. (which is the Pulaski School DIstrict)

     2) Meet income guidelines provided by the US Government.

     3) Provide the name and date of birth for each individual living in your household.

     4) Provide proof of address for each member of the family at each visit to the Cupboard.

Fresh Food Program:​​

     The Fresh Food program is a collaborative effort through the Food Bank of Central New York and Wegman’s. Perishable food is gleaned from a variety of participating food chains, and distributed through food pantries. The program is opened to the public, and there are no qualification guidelines. The program distribution is at the Park United Methodist Church, located at 2 Hubble Street, Pulaski NY 13142, on the Second Wednesday of each month. For more information you may contact the Cupboard or the Church.

Pulaski Food $en$e Program:

     Food $en$e offers the opportunity to stretch your food budget by purchasing quality food at a discount. No donated food is used for the program. Anyone who needs to stretch their food dollars can participate. It is a buying club - you are not required to show proof of income (if you eat you are eligible). It is very simple. Call or visit the Park United Methodist Church (2 Hubble Street - Peggy Balcom 315.298.0395) to order and pay in advance. Packages are then picked up toward the end of the month at the church. 

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