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Our Story:


     The Pulaski Community Ministries better known in the area as the Pulaski Community Cupboard was formed in 1994 when the four main churches in the area came together to open a single Food Pantry to better serve the community. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity that provides emergency food to residents in need throughout the Pulaski School District.

     We are staffed by a determined and committed group of Volunteers from the community both on our Board of Directors and our client service staff. We are dependent on donations of labor, food, and monies from individuals in the community as well as Churches, Businesses, and Community Groups. We also receive significant food donations on a regular basis from Top's Friendly Markets and Aldi's Markets. We are an agency under both the Food Bank of Central New York and United Way of Oswego County.


     During an average month we serve approximately 200 persons consisting of Adults, Seniors, and Children. During 2015 we purchased over $15,000.00 of Food in addition to the actual food items donated by our community. That equates to over 40,000 pounds of food. We make a concentrated effort to supply Fresh Produce as much as possible by purchasing items from the Food Bank of CNY & local farmers, donations from Aldi's and Tops, donations from local residents, and our own garden grown at our facility.

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