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Take Action:

     Now is the time you can take action and lend a helping hand to the Hungry in our area. If you have a little free time, some excess food items, or better yet a few extra dollars read below to see how easy it is to become a benefactor and HELP FEED THE NEED in our community.


If you have a few hours a week, we can always use volunteers. We need halp serving our clients at the Cupboard, picking up food donations from our ​donors, or helping with our fundraising events.

This could be as little as an hour a week, or even on a substitute basis. We don't even mind if you are a snowbird. We can work you in somewhere. You will find it is very rewarding.

​To inquire about being a volunteer:

Donate Food:

Got some excess food in your cupboard? Do you have too many eggs from your chickens? Is your garden overflowing with fresh veggies?

OK, I have just the thing to solve your problem. Pack things in the car and drive down to our building during operational hours and donate to a really good cause.

If you are wondering what type of canned food items we need most - Think vegetables, fruits, juices, pastas, rice, cereal, or Peanut Butter. If you don't have those items remember we don't turn down any items.


​To inquire about making a donation:

Donate Money:

Not to be picky, but when we receive money, we can actually purchase about two pounds of food for every dollar. This is usually significantly more than than what you as an individual can purchase from the store for the same dollar.

In addition, even though we have a wonderful staff of volunteers, and we are fortunate to own our building, we certainly have other operational costs such as utilities that need to be paid.

You can donate online by clicking on the button below. or mailing us a check.


​To inquire about mailing a donation:


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